Bielenberg Sports Center dome is deflated (again)

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Mother nature did her best to prolong the removal of the Bielenberg Sports Center dome.  The City of Woodbury held a “bubble bursting” ceremony last week to deflate the air-filled dome. Due to excess water and snow on site, the dome was quickly re-inflated.  Following more preparation and a few dry days, the dome was deflated and removed.

The construction of the Bielenberg Sports Center Expansion has officially commenced and is still on schedule.  The existing turf field was removed and the dome canvas material is being re-purposed.

The Woodbury Patch newspaper has reported on the progress of the project, including the demolition ceremony.  “The sports center was named after a citywide contest in 1995; its name comes from Orville Bielenberg, the city’s first mayor, whose family farmed the area where the complex stands.” 

According to the Star Tribune, the dome removal is the first step in the $21.8 million expansion project.

The new 90,000-square-foot fieldhouse, which will take the dome’s place, also includes an expanded lobby, outdoor refrigerated recreational skating rink, storage building and improvements to two indoor skating rinks.

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