Cool Offices: Minnetronix Medical

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Minnetronix Medical is ready for the future of work and it’s updated headquarters is featured in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal’s Cool Offices.

To support growth and operations, enhance branding, and strengthen connections across its multiple buildings, Minnetronix Medical renovated and expanded its St. Paul headquarters with the first phase wrapping up this spring.

Check out the project feature page with more photos of the updated headquarters.

Read more on the Biz Journal’s website (subscription free article). Here is an excerpt from the feature:

The 155,000-square-foot office in the Midway neighborhood is easily accessible to the company’s 400-plus employees, and to a global client base that flies in and out of Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

Minnetronix CEO Jeremy Maniak said the renovation was the first opportunity the company had to rethink the entire space, since previous expansions only added isolated pockets.

The company approached the redesign to bring intentionality to the office’s culture and strategy.

Maniak said the office needed to be organized in a way that facilitated conversation and collaboration between co-workers, but also would be memorable to customers.

“I don’t think we’re going back to normal where you have 40 to 50 people sitting behind desks in cubes. I think there’s going to be a portion of the world that’s much more flexible than that,” Maniak said. “We’re set up very well through this expansion to accommodate that and create a good experience.”

  • Business: Medical device manufacturer
  • President and CEO:┬áJeremy Maniak
  • Employees in the office: 400+
  • Address: 1635 Energy Park Drive, St. Paul
  • Office opened: Spring 2021
  • Size: 155,000 square feet
  • General contractor: Gardner Builders
  • Architect: Pope Architects