Johanna Shores Phase 2 Construction Update

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Construction on Johanna Shores campus in Arden Hills is making great progress, despite the snowy Minnesota winter.

As temperatures flucuate, and the sky drops rain, sleet and snow, Weis Builders continues to plow through the construction and development of the second phase of  Johanna Shores campus.

“When you visit the site now — without the existing buildings there, and the views of Lake Johanna laid out before you — it’s just phenomenal,” said Ward Isaacson, Principal at Pope Architects.  “You can really see our design vision of the facility taking shape, and it’s an exciting time for the whole team, and especially the residents.”

Phase 2 of Johanna Shores consists of the remainder of the assisted living units and a rooftop patio for memory care residents.  Completion of Phase 2 is scheduled for Fall 2013.

Phase 1 of the redevelopment, which opened in October 2012, includes independent living, town center, and half of the assisted living units for the campus. Once the residents moved out of the existing assisted senior building and into the new facility, the team went to work on demolishing the old building to make way for the construction of Phase 2.  

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