Kraus-Anderson Companies unveils plans for new Headquarters

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Kraus-Anderson Companies shared plans to expand their corporate presence in downtown Minneapolis with a new headquarters building on their existing site.

Pope Architects has teamed with Kraus-Anderson to design their new corporate office.  Pope is providing architecture and interior design services.

The 4-story, 80,000 sq. ft. building will consolidate operations from 3 locations and provide a collaborative work environment for the organization’s construction, realty, mortgage and capital groups.

Kraus-Anderson is growing rapidly and needs offices to support a larger workforce. According to Twin Cities Business, Kraus-Anderson hired on 100 new employees just last year.

With a building four times larger, according to Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, there should be plenty of room for the rapidly growing company as well as amenities for employees. The new building  will include a large training center, cafeteria, fitness center, and office for 250 staff.

“We’re pleased they want to consolidate their operations on the site and that they remain committed to downtown. Their current building is not as efficient or attractive or representative of the company they’ve been in recent years. Their block has been underutilized,” said East Downtown Council’s executive director, Dan Collison, to Star Tribune.

The team is pursuing LEED certification and plans are to start construction later this year.

“It’s the same old story of the contractor who’s so busy working on everybody else’s projects, they don’t have time to build their own,” Al Gerhardt, Kraus-Anderson Construction’s COO, said in a statement reported by Finance & Commerce. “Now is the time.”