Lessons Learned: How Post-Occupancy can influence design, operations & resident outcomes

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Leaders from WesleyLife and Pope Architects’ housing team are presenting on the process and impact of post-occupancy evaluations at the 2017 LeadingAge Iowa conference in Altoona.

WesleyLife and Pope Architects have worked together to create two innovative senior living communities in central Iowa. The Cottages at Hearthstone in Pella, which opened in 2014, promotes resident independence, interaction and wellness in both its small-house design and operational model.

The LeadingAge presentation offers valuable post-occupancy data and lessons learned at The Cottages, and how this knowledge is being applied in the design and management of a new community, Brio, a WesleyLife Community for Healthy Living, opening in 2018 in Johnston, Iowa.

Pope Architects’ team structured a post-occupancy review to study The Cottages environment to assess the effectiveness of design decisions, and the impact of physical and organizational factors on the intended goals. Feedback was collected through tours, and conversations and surveys with residents, family members, staff, and management.

The presentation focuses on discussing lessons learned in staff operations, food service, construction and cost efficiency, resident unit design, and interior finish and furniture decisions.

The panel includes Calvin Shelangoski, WesleyLife Director of Finance, Nancy Hamilton, Executive Director of The Cottages at Hearthstone, and Ward Isaacson, President, and Jill Schroeder, Senior Interior Designer, of Pope Architects.