LISTEN: Workplace of the Future Podcast

Tuesday, April 11th, 2023

Pope Design Group’s Vice President Erica Larson joined Kraus-Anderson on their Build Me Up podcast series to discuss workplace design.

Be sure to tune to learn more about factors that play a role in an office layout, the importance of employee participation in design decisions, how to build an adaptable workplace for the future, and more!

“I think there are some commonalities that the pandemic created. Inherently, operationally most companies have some sort of flex policy… so that has obviously changed how things work. I find that there really is no one size fits all. Every organization is very different in what they need, when they’re there… so that’s why the up-front qualitative programming is even more critical today than it was before,” Erica shared with Dani and Laurisa when asked about what has changed in workplace design.

“It’s a live and learn thing. The office is ever-evolving.”

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