Let us help you navigate Minnesota’s Moratorium Exception Application process

Friday, August 8th, 2014

The Minnesota Department of Health has recently announced funding for this year’s moratorium exception process. There is $1.1 million in funds available, which will allow as much as $100 million construction to support care centers throughout the state. Pope Architects can help you apply for some of these funds.

For projects that exceed $1,526,480 in total cost, a moratorium exception application is needed to receive a rate increase for a portion of any care center construction project. Applications must be submitted to the Minnesota Health Department by December 10, 2014.

Filling out a developed and thoughtful application takes time, but Pope Architects is here to help. We give you the best opportunity to obtain moratorium funds needed to help reposition  your care center to better serve residents, communities and staff.

We’ve successfully guided senior living organizations through the application process for new construction and remodeling projects.

To thoroughly complete your application, we offer services including:

  • Analysis of your existing facility to identify needs and deficiencies
  • Understanding project scope and program potential projects
  • Develop schematic design of proposed projects
  • Work with a general contractor to to determine project cost estimate
  • Develop a budget for furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Assist in developing, writing and submitting the Moratorium Exception Application
  • Accompany staff in presentation to the State Board of Health

You can find the application forms here.

Pope has successfuly completed applications for Harmony River Living Center in Hutchinson, MN and Good Samaritan Society in International Falls, MN.