Shoppers get ready: Byerly’s 71 France store well under way

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Construction on the new Edina Byerly’s store at the 71 France development continues in Minnesota’s winter wonderland.

Despite our snowy landscape, construction work on the new 47,000 sq. ft. Byerly’s store is moving along.  Installation of precast panels and steel will both be finished by next week. Roofing will be complete in January and plans are set for interior slab to be poured in early February.

The photo shows today’s snowy view of the Byerly’s exterior, in comparison to the design imagery.

Wells Concrete also gave an update on the Byerly’s 71 France construction progress. 

The 71 France development includes some innovative features to retain and collect water. These include:

  • An on-site stormwater containment system underneath the store’s parking lot.  This system allows water to collect in the void space so the existing systems aren’t overloaded during a major rain. Some of this water percolates down into the aquifer systems below, and the rest is tied to the Centennial Lakes system.
  • Rainwater harvesting system.  This system is planned to collect rooftop water on the proposed housing buildings, which will feed a water feature in the Centennial Lakes system.
  • Swedish tree vault storage system. The design includes collecting and retaining stormwater an open void chamber located in the root structures of the trees.

 Learn more about the entire 71 France Development.