OATI Microgrid Technology Center putting on final touches

Friday, December 9th, 2016

Open Access Technology International (OATI) is putting the final touches on the new OATI Microgrid Technology Center, situated in the high-traffic cross section of 494 and Highway 100 in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The Minneapolis-based cloud software company adapted the site to serve as a data center, operating as a microgrid and backup power generator to their system supporting over 1,600 clients.

Pope Architects was the architect on the new 5-story office building and data center, which features solar panels, wind turbines, a combined heat and power plant, and energy storage.

The expansive glass façade receives plenty of attention from the thousands of commuters passing by on one of the Twin Cities most heavily travelled highways. A feature article from Midwest Energy News offers some insight on many of the exciting things going on behind the glass exterior. Read the article here