Pope Architects’ Interior Designers Earn Prestigious AAHID Certification

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Pope Architects is proud to have two of the state’s five American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID).

Erica Larson, Director of Interior Design, and Katrina Liesener, Interior Designer, are now part of a small group of interior designers in the State of Minnesota to hold the AAHID certification.

In order to take the exam, the AAHID requires a minimum of five years of healthcare interior design experience, a portfolio review and professional references. From there, the exam tests in a variety of healthcare interior environments.

“It’s a way of continuing to learn and I saw it as an important way to establish my credentials and quantify our profession,” said Liesener. “It sets us apart from others in the field.”

Healthcare interior design is more complex than interior design in other settings. It requires understanding patient needs and how effective interiors can improve care.

“Interior Design is much more specialized in patient healing and satisfaction and employee safety,” said Larson. “It affects people subconsciously and we need to know how it makes them feel.”

There are also a lot of codes and regulations that the healthcare industry needs to uphold. The AAHID certification requires continued learning to stay up to date on shifts and codes. Pope’s interior designers work closely with architects to ensure successful design for great patient care.

“I hope this certification strengthens our position as a leader in the healthcare industry,” said Liesener. “It’s great to be at a firm that values interior designers as part of the team.”

“The AAHID certification is something that many people in our field don’t have,” said Larson. “It is something for us and for the firm that shows we have an in-depth understanding — it gives us an edge.”

In addition to their AAHID certification, Larson and Liesener are Certified Interior Designers in the state of Minnesota and LEED Accredited Professionals. Larson is also a US Green Building Council National member.