PrairieCare Hospital is on track for opening

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

PrairieCare’s new Children’s Psychiatric Hospital is on track to accept its first patients in September 2015. Dr. Joel Oberstar, CEO and Chief Medical Officer for PrairieCare provided an update to Brooklyn Park’s area newspaper, Sun Post.

Dr. Oberstar shared with the Sun Post said that PrairieCare will be hosting a public open house before the hospital officially opens. Providing tours helps physicians to educate the public and address the stigma of talking about mental health issues.

“Mental illness is no different than physical illness. It is a beautiful new facility. We want to give the community the opportunity to see it.”

Dr. Oberstar stressed that the new hospital, which will offer 50 beds and PrairieCare’s Intensive Hospitalization Program, will help fill a critical need for mental health services for youth. He shared that as it currently stands, there are often no hospital beds available for young mental health patients in the Twin Cities area.

Learn more about the construction progress and about PrairieCare’s mission.