St. David’s Center plans to kick-off Renovation and Expansion project in April

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

St. David’s Center is ramping up to kick-off construction on a $13.7 million renovation and expansion of their campus in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Julie Sjordal, Executive Director shared on the importance of the building project. “It will also finally allow us to adapt the space in the building we’ve occupied since 1990, when we were primarily a preschool, to reflect the services we provide in 2015, a significant portion of which are health-care related.”

The project will strengthen the connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces and better utilize the scenic 8.6 acre campus, which is rich with natural amenities.

The building’s feel and flow will be improved with several new features:

Pope Architects is the architect and interior designer and McGough Construction is the builder.

St. David’s Center’s innovative, multidisciplinary approach integrates expertise in early childhood education, pediatric therapies, children’s mental health and autism treatment. Success rates are high, with 98 percent of children with developmental needs reaching their goals.

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