Two Rochester Charter Schools combining locations

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

Two of Rochester’s biggest charter schools, Rochester Math and Science Academy and Rochester STEM Academy, will be starting construction this month to combine locations.

Pope Architects has been working with the schools and Benson-Orth to plan and design the $15.5 million collocation project. The renovation of the former church building will modernize the learning environment and create more space for the growing enrollment.

Rochester Math and Science Academy is a K-8 school and Rochester STEM Academy serves grades 9-12. An estimated 90 percent of the students at the two schools are Somali-American.

Special attention was given during the process to understand the impact of the math and science curriculum and the cultural expressions of the student population. The design solution responds to these needs while providing a welcoming and supportive environment for learners of every ethnicity and cultural background.

The 25,000 sq. ft. expansion includes a regulation-size gymnasium that the schools will be available for the public to use for sports and club team events.

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