USGBC Minnesota Dynamic Green Home – Kraus-Anderson and Pope Volunteer Day

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Pope Architects and Kraus-Anderson Construction Company partnered together to support the USGBC Minnesota Chapter’s Dynamic Green Home project.

Please check out a time-lapse video of the volunteer day provided by USGBC Minnesota.

The group partnered with USGBC Minnesota to spend the day volunteering at a home in St. Paul’s Frogtown Neighborhood. ┬áThe collaboration of USGBC-MN and the Greater Frogtown Community Development Corporation is furthering sustainable upgrades on homes in the area.

The entire effort has focused on upgrading three areas of rehab in homes to a more sustainable building model:

  • Landscaping with a focus on water management, native species and ease of maintenance and use
  • Interior painting with a focus on no VOCs and longevity of appearance
  • Flooring with a focus on reducing allergens, VOCs and materials (wood floors were rehabbed)

Check out the USGBC-MN Chapter website to learn more about the program.

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