Sam Buehler has been at Pope Design Group for over 24 years.  During that time, she has learned the business from the inside out, working with talented design leaders who are passionate about what they do.  She enjoys the business side of architecture, particularly her work with finance, business strategy and analyzing trends to predict future outcomes.

In addition to her role in finance, Sam also manages Pope Design Group’s human resources. She’s a supporter of employee empowerment and encourages staff to grow and innovate. As a cancer survivor and amputee, she’s a compassionate advocate for employees who need flexibility or accommodation due to injury, illness or disability.

When not focused on business or assisting employees, Sam loves to be outdoors. On summer weekends, you can find her hiking with her husband, relaxing out on the lake, lost in a book, singing along to classic rock songs or just enjoying time with family and friends (those that don’t mind her singing off-key, that is).