Pope Design Group


Business of

The firm was founded in 1974 by Jon Pope and his father Bob who acquired a small two-person architecture practice and renamed it Pope Associates Inc. The early years were dedicated to establishing key client relationships, and to the design of office, industrial, education and retail projects.

Growth & Evolution

The firm grew from two to around twenty employees by the early 1990s, followed by rapid growth over the next 20 years as the firm added senior living and healthcare design, expanded work in original markets, and strengthened relationships in the development community. In 2012, the firm adopted the name Pope Architects.

Collaborative Design

In 2022, we rebranded as Pope Design Group. This transition acknowledges the collaborative nature of the profession and the central role of design as an instrument of positive change. Today the firm employs nearly one hundred creative professionals practicing architecture and interior design.


Our core values have been integral to the firm’s DNA since its inception – we are passionate people, with an entrepreneurial spirit, working collaboratively, exceeding client expectations with a focus on excellence.